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Liam Carey is a composer of contemporary classical music based in Liverpool, who works with both live instruments and electronics. He is currently working towards a PhD in composition at Liverpool University. This website is a resource page where you can find recordings, scores and other miscellany to do with Liam's music.


8th Dec 2017

Just completed my new work Yes and No, for 22 solo strings. It's a medium length work based on the interaction of harmonicity and roughness - the two factors which make up Ernst Terhardt's Two Component Theory of musical consonance. The score and recording can be found on my recordings page.

18th Sept 2017

Recording session today for my new work Rhythm Study, for Pierrot sextet. This piece is written for 6 players playing at 5 different tempos. In order to play it all the players have to listen to click tracks on headphones. Great performances by all the players and hope to get something online soon.

26th Feb 2017

Currently preparing for a performance of my new work An intense and unpleasant excitement, for solo flute and electronics on Monday 27th March as part of this years Open Circuit Festival. The flute part is to be performed by Richard Craig who is an accomplished and renowned expert in contemporary flute repetoire. Follow links for more details on both.

6th Dec 2016

Just completed a recording of my new work CD Requiem, for a large ensemble of CD players. This is an installation piece that uses a large number of CD players all playing back the same CD on random. Go to my recordings page to hear it.

8th July 2016

Recording session today with the RLPO's Simon Powell, for my new work Two Systems, for tenor trombone and electronics.

8th February 2016

Just putting the finishing touches to the electronics for my latest work, a soundtrack to Act IV of the 1927 silent film Berlin, Symphony of a Great City. The work is a collaborative piece with four other composers, each writing the music for one of the first four acts and then working together to create the music for Act V. Live performance of the piece with players from the RLPO is scheduled to take place at FACT in Liverpool on Monday 7th March 2016 as part of Open Circuit Festival 2016 (click the links for more details).

11th June 2015

Recording session today with the RLPO's Hilary Browning, for my new work Rabbit Hole, for solo cello and electronics.

2nd April 2015

A big congratulations to pianist Dylan Christopher, who has just completed the recordings of all the pieces included in this Piano Project 2014. All the recordings, including a performance of my own work Nothing New and works by many other contemporary composers such as Liverpool's very own Louis Johnson, are now available online via Soundcloud - follow this link to have a listen:

3rd December 2014

I've just found out that my piece I would go home but my house is on fire has been chosen to be included in a workshop and performance by the Bristol Ensemble as part of this years Royal Music Academy Research Students Conference at Bristol University.

Upcoming/recent performances:

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Rhythm Study, for Pierrot sextet will be performed by Pixels Ensemble as part of Open Circuit Festival 2018 (link)

Monday 27th March 2017

An intense and unpleasant excitement, for flute and electronics will be performed by Richard Craig as part of Open Circuit Festival 2017 (link)

Monday 7th March 2016

Berlin, Symphony of a Great City will be performed by players from the RLPO at FACT as part of Open Circuit Festival 2016 (link)

Friday 9th January 2015

I would go home but my house is on fire will be performed by the Bristol Ensemble at Bristol University as part of the RMA Research Students Conference(link)

Monday 20th October 2014

I would go home but my house is on fire will be performed as part of a workshop by Ensemble 10/10 as part of Liverpool University's Open Circuit Festival 2014 (link)

Thursday 23rd October 2014

Nothing New will be performed by Dylan Christoper at Colchester Institute, Essex (link)